Upcoming workshops on AI & Cyber Security (for Business Managers/Leaders)       |       Blockchain        |        Python        |       Smart contract programming with Solidity/Haskell.                      Upcoming workshops on AI & Cyber Security (for Business Managers/Leaders)       |       Blockchain        |        Python        |       Smart contract programming with Solidity/Haskell.

Certified Blockchain Specialist (CBS) Course

Course Description

The Certified Blockchain Specialist (CBS) program is aimed to provide exposure to the blockchain technology and how it can be leveraged across various industries. The blockchain technology is disrupting financial industries and revamping business domains such as accounting and auditing and enabling new business models. Blockchain inherently is a system of recording information that is immutable. It can be thought of as a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across an entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. It addresses the application of one of the most significant application of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrencies and reviews the architecture of these cryptocurrencies.

Course Objective

When the Blockchain Technology first appeared almost a decade ago as the backbone of Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency, it offered a novel way to cut out the financial Middleman.However, in the last couple of years business leaders across globe are realising the potential of Blockchain technology and how it can do much more than record monetary transactions. This realization has lately blossomed into an interesting and often bewildering array of start up companies, initiatives, corporate alliances, and research projects. This specialised course is designed to provide an understanding of Blockchain and the decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as bitcoin with its strategic importance to any organization. Participants will be introduced to the theory and principles of Blockchain technology and how it can be leveraged by various applications across different industry verticals including Insurance, Banking, Logistics, Shipping, Healthcare, Legal to name a few. This course will also highlight some of the latest tools and techniques for implementing an application using Blockchain Technology. Participants will get a good understanding of the entire Blockchain concepts with hands on experience in using Hyperledger Fabric. Participants will also learn how Blockchain can be leveraged in organisational context through a series of real use cases. This course will also introduce the concepts of Hash graph.

Skills Acquired

Participants stand to gain useful skills such as programming smart contract with the Solidity programming language, blockchain transaction validation through the mining process, creating a permissioned blockchain infrastructure and acquire a deep understanding on the quality and value of open source blockchain technology. In addition, participants will learn about the concept of byzantine fault tolerant systems and acquire an understanding of cryptocurrency as an application of Blockchain. Participants will be exposed to the idea of Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts which guarantee an uptime of 100%. Various enterprise blockchain platforms will also be shared alongside the fundamental requisites. CNA: 21/04

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This program is designed for non-technical and technical professionals, however those with programming background in any languages will be advantageous.

Course Duration

32 hrs (4 days) inclusive of training and exam


Participants are recommended to have some experience in software development with Java/Unix/Linux environment and an understanding of cryptography.

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Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
  • Unit 2: The Blockchain and its Platform
  • Unit 3: Bitcoin mining & Transactions
  • Unit 4: Wallet Fundamentals
  • Unit 5: Smart Contracts
  • Unit 6: Blockchain and Its Impact on Industries
  • Unit 7: Blockchain Architecture and Implementation
  • Unit 8: Introduction to Hashgraph & its applications

Course Outcome

  • Acquire knowledge on the distinction between the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism on Blockchain
  • Gain solid understanding on the key concept and trend of Non-Fungible Token and its usage in the industry
  • Acquire knowledge on how Bitcoin is used as an electronic payment system
  • Gain in-depth understanding on key concepts that fuels Blockchain: Hash functions, Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger Technologies etc.
  • Get skilled in developing Blockchain application for businesses using Python
  • Acquire the skills to develop and deploy Ethereum based Smart Contracts using Solidity
  • Acquire knowledge on how the Hedera’s Hashgraph algorithm works and its impact on the Blockchain industry

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